The Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak

Sundt Air is closely monitoring developments related to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak and will not conduct flights to high risk areas.



The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a revised Safety Information Bulletin outlining recommendations for operators to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. We at Sundt Air are following these recommendations along with the Norwegian Health Governments recommendations.


Our pilots and cabin crew have been given procedures to follow in the event that a passenger onboard is presenting symptoms indicative of acute respiratory infections and have been in the affected areas or in contact with people potentially infected with COVID-19 or with people arriving from an affected area within 14 days prior to onset of symptoms.


You can read the full recommendations from EASA  here:

EASA is monitoring developments related to the outbreak and is actively engaged with the WHO, ICAO, the European Commission (EC) and the EC DG SANTE. Accordingly, the latest guidance and recommendations issued by WHO, ECDC and ICAO should be considered in the context of the EASA recommendations.

You will find the latest WHO situation reports here

Nowegian Helth Government recommendations : Helsedirektoratet og Folkehelse Instituttet.