Private jet charter – when the getting there is part of the experience

Wilderness or big city adventure. Sundt Air’s private planes can fly you where you want – when you want it.

With over 20 years in private jet industry, and some of Europe’s most successful individuals and corporate management teams on the client list, Sundt Air is amongst a handful few operators which takes the travel experience to another level.  Private jet charter is certainly in a different league when it comes to comfort and luxury – a way to travel for the few who can and will enjoy a travel experience in absolute elegance.

The world at your fingertips with private jet charter

Hop on to Verbier in the moment the first snow lies, fly to Saint Tropez for a late breakfast,  or let the world just be – with the feeling of cool, white sand against bare feet under the palm trees in Bahia. You don’t have to dream, everything can be arranged, according to Geir Jensen, Accountable Manager in the Norwegian private jet company Sundt Air.

-Where do you want to go?  Seychellene, Bahamas, Alaska, Island? To the North of Norway to see the northern lights or to Rio to experience the carnival? We can take your anywhere. Call our dispatch-department, they are open 24/7. And they will tailor-make a travel experience for you, whether you call 3 months or 3 days in advance. 

VIP-flights – not just for the few

To charter a private jet might seem grand, but it can still be applicable for many different types of customers. Sundt Air have experience with arranging tailor-made trips and will be able to offer alternatives in different price ranges depending on type of aircraft, itinerary, service- and logistic alternatives. According to Jensen, their job is to adhere to big and small, usual and unusual wishes and requests every single day.

-Everything is possible. You can combine a detour for your own pleasure, while on a business trip. From the airport we can arrange helicopter transport further on. We have planes with beds, aircrafts with room for 3 or a 100, and we can even charter an Boeing Business Jet or a 747 if that is what you would like. Still, he believes that to travel by private jet is an actual option for more people then you might think at first.

-To put it short; if you prefer a more sober and reasonable solution, we will arrange that – and if you would like something extravagant and impressive, well, than we organize that.


With the recipe for easy travel

Where other trips are held together by transits, crowds, luggage weighing and hours of waiting in badly ventilated departure halls, private charter is easy and comfortable from the very first moment. It is your own flight, it follows only one rhythm to the last detail – the travel-rhythm of you and your guests. Nothing is easier than taking off with Sundt Air – the company with the experience, selection and certifications that makes the world smaller.

-Because we can choose freely, we may fly where the airlines can’t; to the small airports at exotic locations close by your destination. This mean you get much quicker and easier where you want to go. Also, at the big cities, the possibility of choosing small private airports, makes the journey considerably easier and faster. It can hardly be an easier way to travel – the customer calls us and let us know they are on their way. The door closes when they are onboard, and as soon they are in their seat the aircraft start to taxi and we are airborne 5 minutes later, Jensen explains.

Airline food like you wouldn’t believe

All Sundt Air’s aircrafts are tracked and monitored so that the itinerary may be adjusted if needed, important messages or unforeseen events can be communicated instantly to the crew and passengers onboard the aircraft.  In addition to the pilots, every aircraft has a cabin service representative that is available at all times to help and makes sure that everybody onboard has a pleasant trip, whether it is regarding communicating messages, help with to special requests or administer the catering.

Talking about catering – if you fly with Sundt Air, airline food is probably amongst your favorites – after all, you choose your own menu!

-Most of our customers want the standard catering, but we do serve just about everything on board. Weather you would like master-sushi or prefer Norwegian lobster or have special preferences regarding drinks, all kind of serving and food is made fully available onboard.

Safety and discretion

In aviation safety is obviously very important on many different levels. In addition to the safety standards and regulations set by the industry, customers of Sundt Air can also rest assure that all information regarding their journey is managed and treated with the upper most discretion. Professionalism regarding information and the opportunity to travel with anonymity is an essential part of our business.

-The three cornerstones of our company; quality, simplicity and safety, are also relevant when it comes to anonymity and discretion. We will never confirm or un-confirm anything, give anyone access to anything or let anyone find out information about our assignments. No press corps will be awaiting in the terminal if you travel with us, Jensen explains who makes is his mission to be available 24/7 for his clients.

-Our client’s lifestyle is very hectic, often travelling between time zones. So, when they call I know it’s important, whatever the time is. Of course, I pick up the call.