Aircraft Management – support, service and crew

Purchasing an aircraft is not exactly like buying a new car, especially not if you would like commercial operation of the aircraft. A clearly defined organization encompassing qualified personnel and approved facilities must be in place, and it would be very expensive to establish this around just one aircraft.

Sundt Air however, has this organization in place, and will be able to assist aircraft owners with all needs with regards to operating an aircraft; Aircraft Management –  support, service and crew.

Aircraft management Crew

We can provide all personnel, for example pilots and mechanics, and take care of all planning and operations. Furthermore, we can offer hangar-space at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and we have favorable agreements on spare-parts and insurance.

Aircraft management services

If the aircraft is for exclusive use of the owner we will make sure it is ready for use at all times, and if the owner also wishes to rent out the aircraft, we can take care of sales and marketing. This will obviously contribute to a cost-reduction for the owner.

Aircraft management support

Advise on what aircraft to buy based on the individual needs of a prospective owner, and support through the purchasing process, are important elements in what we have to offer.

Whenever the aircraft is down for maintenance, or for other reasons unavailable to the owner, we can offer favorable arrangements for use of other aircraft in our fleet.


Why Sundt Air? ? - An aircraft management company

Sundt Air is just the right size to manage your business jet; we are small enough to provide flexible and personalized solutions based on your individual aircraft management need, while having the financial, technical and service functions of a large aviation company available, as part of the Sundt Group.

We don’t work with established programs and concepts for your private jet needs, we work with YOU and YOUR needs, and custom-make a solution for you. At Sundt Air, you do not have to pick a “package” and feel like you drown among all the other aircraft owners. Here you get the personal service you need.

For us the sky is not the limit