11 meetings in 8 different countries in 5 days with a business jet.

When time definitely is money, Sundt Air’s business jets stand out as a huge time saver and a truly efficient way of travel.

Imagine a corporation that is going to launch a new product line. The corporate top-management is going to do 11 meetings in 8 different countries around the world. How much time and resources will that take?  A company that used a business jet from the Norwegian private jet company Sundt Air used 5 days. The efficiency and time saving offered by business jets can be quite extensive, according to Geir Jensen, Accountable Manager at Sundt Air. -I have myself served as a pilot on one of these kinds of trips.  On a tour like this everything is carefully planned and meticulously organized by us in advance. Everything from catering, to transport and accommodation is organized and adjusted if needed on the way – all to assure that the experience is as comfortable, efficient and easy as possible. 


Tailor-made world tour with a business jet – just in, out and on your way.

A round trip with Sundt Air’s private jet is highly efficient. The plane leaves early in the morning, and departure is whenever the door closes behind the last passenger. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is enjoyed in comfortable and spacious seating on board the aircraft, while the team is preparing for the next meeting. All conversation and discussion can run freely amongst the team, without worrying about eavesdropping or sensitive information.  Cars are made ready next to the runway, for efficient door-to-door transport. While the meetings are held, the jet is made ready for the next take-off. The complete tour is perfectly aligned to run like clockwork. If something should change, a cabin service representative is available at all times to help with everything from adjusting the itinerary to make note of the wine choice for dinner. -With 2 meetings a day, you have 8 high-paid individuals, doing 10-11 meetings worldwide in 5 days.  To achieve this flying scheduled airlines it could take up to 3 weeks and that is only if nothing unforeseen should happen – or something changes -Also considering the expenses and disadvantages for the company of doing without the same 8 persons in the time they are to be away, the benefits of the business jet are considerable, Jensen states.

Reasons for choosing business jets


- easy access to areas with no or little scheduled air service.


- suitable for transport of sensitive and or important equipment.


- short response time when unforeseen events occur, in crisis situations or when new opportunities arise and quick action is needed.


- meetings and discussion regarding sensitive info can been done whilst onboard.


- contact and communication with the home office during the whole flight – may be crucial when a situation changes rapidly.


- around 3 % of scheduled air services are cancelled and over 25% are delayed.

Time saving

- no other way of travel can come close to business jets when it comes to time and flexibility.

A private plane – the work tool that makes time and effort your advantage

Time is money, Benjamin Franklin once said. Few people feel the saying hit closer to home than the busiest among us.  When every second is precious, success is often less about the moments when everything is on track, and more about the situations where everything is not working out as planned. To have the ability to be flexible, to adjust as events occur and more is revealed, and not being forced to wait for things outside of your control –  and save time, energy and effort when you can, is often what helps keep the wheels turning in the long run. Many compare renting an VIP-aircraft and private jets with the price of scheduled flights. According to Geir Jensen, that is a bit like a carpenter comparing the price of a company car with a monthly pass on the bus. -If you look at the efficiency we offer and put that against what it costs per hour to keep a corporate top-management team travelling, with hourly wages and other expenses, then our services often become relevant for many, he explains. He says most of Sundt Air’s customers utilize private planes as a mere work tool – an aid that lets a company manager or a corporate management team with very busy days handle and cope with the high work pressure. -Many have periods of such extreme travel pattern, that they just cannot manage without, not to mention being able to have a private – and family life outside of work.

If you look at the efficiency we offer and put that against what it costs per hour to keep a corporate top-management team travelling, with hourly wages and other expenses, then our services often become relevant for many
Geir Jensen, Accountable Manager, Sundt Air

Our fleet

Sundt Air makes business jet easy

With extensive experience and a varied fleet of aircrafts Sundt Air can serve to all needs when it comes to private planes and business jets. It is all about usage, how far you are going to fly and your requirements in relation to comfort, explains Jensen. Perhaps you don’t need one of the largest or finest aircrafts. Maybe you don’t mind bending a little when you move to and from your seat, and thus don’t need a stand-up cabin – a good example of a comfort requirement that can do the assignment more reasonable priced. We have many types of aircrafts with different qualities, sizes and price range. To use a private plane doesn’t have to be forbiddingly pricy, it depends on what you would like and have the need for, Jensen explains.